Create Decision Table In Oracle Business Rule

Oracle Business Rule is a lightweight SOA component used to create all business necessity rules within a page. We can write and keep maintaining the rules using Oracle Rules GUI editors. This can be understandable by the business peoples as well as can lead improve the rules. There are two different ways to write a Rule.

Below is an exemplary case of how to use Decision desk and List of Values Busketset. Depending upon the salary value of an employee a Business rule will give the result the salary Grade of that worker. Follow the below steps to create a Decision table for this simple requirement. Create a Synchronous BPEL process as DecisionTableDemo. In the amalgamated drag a Business Rule Component. Configure the Input and Output messages of the business Rule. Connect the Business Rule Element of the BPEL component.

Double Click on the Rule element of write rules. Choose the decision Table strategy. Build a busketset and attach it to the processResponse truth. Bucketset is only a set of beliefs which we can use straight with any reality instead of keying in the value over and over. Select the above created bucketSet and click on the edit button. Enter the list of values in that bucket set. Attach the buckets with ProcessResponse fact. Go to the known fact tab and go through the processResponse fact.

Click edit button and in the below part choose the buckets field. Click on the RuleSet1 and enter the Decision desk rules. Configure the Condition and Action at first we need to enter the multiple rules for the same then. Now enter the Rules. If the salary is 1000 the effect should be Grade-C then, If 2000 result shall Grade-B and so forth.

The Rule component is configured. Have to call the same from BPEL. Go directly to the BPEL component by dual go through the BPEL. The Business Rule will screen as a synchronous partner hyperlink. Drag a Rule component in to the bpel process as shown below. Choose the Guidelines dictionary which we before created. Double click on the Rules activity and configure the input and output messages. This will automatically create the assign and invoke activities. Expand the activity we shall get the below activities created automatically by BPEL.

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