Things Have Changed Really

As the institution year comes to an end, a great deal of educators have a decision they have to make and it’s not where they will go on summer vacation. As the economy slowly turns around and more and more educators have options, they need to decide if they shall return to the class.

When I became a teacher over about ten years ago, teachers were guaranteed step developments, cost of living boosts, raises, class-size limitations, and if they do their job well, job security. There wasn’t a 3% contribution to the FRS, or punitive VAM assessments, for weekly towards the finish of the entire year and testing was something we did, not the end all be all of education it has become. Things have really changed, well aside from Florida’s teachers being a few of the poorest paid in the country that is pretty consistent. The biggest change however is how Florida views its educators Perhaps. They used to be respected and sometimes revered members of the city.

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Honors Interdisciplinary Studies (Arts and Sciences) – A.B. Honors Interdisciplinary Studies – B.S. Honors Interdisciplinary Studies – B.S.A. Horticulture – B.S.A. Hospitality and Food Industry Management – B.S.A. Housing Plan and Management – B.S.F.C.S. Individual Family and Development Science – B.S.F.C.S. Interdisciplinary Studies (Griffin Campus) – A.B. Interdisciplinary Studies – A.B.

Interdisciplinary Studies – B.F.A. Interdisciplinary Studies – B.S. International Affairs – A.B. Journalism – A.B. Landscape Architecture – B.L.A. Latin Caribbean and American Studies – A.B. Linguistics – A.B. Management – B.B.A. Management and International Business Co-Major – B.B.A. Management Information Systems – B.B.A. Management Information Systems and International Business Co-Major – B.B.A. Marketing – B.B.A. Marketing and International Business Co-Major – B.B.A. Mathematics – B.S. Mathematics Education – B.S.Ed. Mathematics/Mathematics Education – Dual Degree – B.S., B.S.Ed. Mechanical Engineering – B.S.M.E. Microbiology (also offered at Griffin) – B.S. Middle Grades Education – B.S.Ed. Music – A.B. Music Composition – B.Mus. Music Education – B.Mus.

Music Performance – B.Mus. Music Theory – B.Mus. Music Therapy – B.Mus. Natural Resource Management and Sustainability – B.S.F.R. Nutritional Sciences – B.S.F.C.S. Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management – B.S.F.R. Pharmaceutical Sciences – B.S. Philosophy – A.B. Physics – B.S. Astronomy and Physics – B.S. Plant Biology – B.S. Political Science – A.B. Poultry Science – B.S.A.

Pre-Dentistry – Pre-Professional Pre-Law – Pre-Professional Pre-Medicine – Pre-Professional Pre-Optometry – Pre-Professional Psychology – B.S. PR – A.B. Real Estate – B.B.A. PROPERTY and International Business Co-Major – B.B.A. Religion – A.B. Risk Insurance and Management – B.B.A. Risk Management and Insurance and International Business Co-Major – B.B.A. Romance Languages – A.B. Russian – A.B. Science Education – B.S.Ed.