FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) Guidelines And Regulations For Soap

Soap is within a different category than makeup products (body care products). The FDA says soap is exempt from the provisions for makeup products must but you must pass the FDA’s definition of soap. To be classified as soap, you can not make any aesthetic statements about your soap on the soap label.

If you say the soap is moisturizing, that is clearly a claim for makeup products as well as your soap is now a cosmetic. You must follow the guidelines and regulations for makeup products now. Basically what soap does is clean and that is the only claim you may make about your soap. See below highligted words for the FDA’s defintion of the cosmetic. And imagine if it’s “soap”? Soap is a category that requires special explanation. That’s because the regulatory definition of “soap” is different from how people commonly use the term. Not every product promoted as soap satisfies FDA’s description of the word. If a product intended to cleanse our body will not meet all the requirements for soap, as listed above, it is the aesthetic or a drug. How does the statutory laws define a cosmetic?

Thanks for writing. Indepth review. Very useful. Voted up. Thank u for posting this! The product all over the place provided me unpleasant moles. I actually love the product- I have been utilizing it for a year and was told by a friend that only sunlight can cause moles however now I know my suspisions were right.

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Are there any mole free selfless tanners? And hou do I get rid of all these ugly flat moles? Wow, what an test! I too would love to hear if other people is viewing new moles following the use of the lotion. YOur theory about the fungi can be an interesting one. Perhaps you have encountered any research evidence abut the fungus infection?

I too am seeing new moles on my pores and skin after using Jergens cream, but I don’t use the personal tanner. I’m using the Jergens Sensitive Skin Relief. After Curel changed the formulation of their Fragrance Free lotion a couple of years back I went and bought a Jergens lotion with all the current same substances with only the addition of ACACIA SENEGAL GUM. I began researching this component on the web. One of my finds was from the University of California displaying multiple types of fungi growing from this African tree.

Call me strange but I really believe some moles are a fungus. They grow in proportions and change in form, I am halting to use the Jergens Sensitive Skin cream and attempting a different brand without acai senegal gum in the substances. I’m hoping this will end the incident of multiple new moles showing on my epidermis.

Anyone else have this experience with the Jergens Sensitive Skin lotion? None of the research I did mentioned scars and the effects of Jergens Natural Glow on scars. However, it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily safe! If you’re thinking about trying this lotion, I would test it on a very small place somewhere on your legs that is very discreet. That way, if it does darken your scar on that one spot, it won’t have effected your complete leg.

Have you ever tried natural skin curing techniques to hide or diminish your marks? Some say that lavender oil/extract helps heal old scar tissue formation. There are some other organic products on the market that make that state as well– and aren’t dangerous or chemical-based. I have dark scars on my hip and legs from chickenpox.

If i take advantage of the Jergens natural glow will my marks get darker? I want to cover them and everything the makeup cover for hip and legs either dont match my complexion or are too liquidy. Any advice to cover up my marks? Jack, what else would you like to know? I investigated the product as thoroughly as I could without actually conducting a scientific test myself.