Musings On Markets

230. Two months later, both stocks have taken serious hits on the market, down almost 25% apiece, and one of my brief sales has been covered and the other continues to be looking profitable. It will always be nice to have happy endings to my investment tales, but rather than use this as vindication of my timing or valuation skills, I will argue that I got lucky in conditions of timing just.

That said, given how much these shares have dropped during the last two months, it is an chance to not just revisit my valuations and investment judgments, but also to attract some general lessons about intrinsic valuation and prices. 1950 (Amazon). I used to be also open up about the actual fact that my valuations shown my stories for the firms, and that my assumptions were open up for argument. 1412 at Amazon, not planning on either to happen in the close to term. 1420 on November 20), before rebounding.

230, and the stock increased to that known level, I would find a way to justify not doing it. Intrinsic value changes over time: Among some value investors, there’s a misplaced belief that intrinsic value is a timeless constant, and that it is the market that is at the mercy of wild swings, driven by changes in mood and momentum.

That is not true, since not only do the determinants of value (cash flows, development and risk) change as time passes, but so does the price of risk (default spreads, equity risk payments) on the market. The former occurs each time a company has a financial disclosure, which is one reason that I revalue companies just after income reports, or a significant news story (acquisition, divestiture, new CEO), and the latter is powered by macro pushes.

That noises abstract, but I can use Apple and Amazon to illustrate my point. Sept valuations for both companies occurred after their most recent revenue reviews Since my, there were no new financial disclosures from either ongoing company. There have been a few news stories and we can argue about their consequentiality for future cash flows and growth, however the big change has been around the market.

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1212, about 3.5%. Those changes may seem trivial but if the market correction had been larger and the treasury rate got changed more, the value effect would have been larger. But price changes even more: If the fact that value changes as time passes, in the absence of company-specific information even, makes you uncomfortable, keep in brain that the marketplace price usually changes even more.

From my perspective, the storyplot for Apple has remained the same going back eight years mainly, a slow-growth, cash machine that gets the majority of its profits from one product: the iPhone. week 175 early last. 1700. Am I regretful which i closed prematurily . with Apple and did not close out early enough with Amazon?

175, today because I believe that it under valued, giving me a serious case of trading whiplash. I am willing to wait a long time for Apple’s price to change to value, but I am not required to take action. If the purchase price adjusts to value and then techniques up-wards quickly, I have to be willing to market, from today even if that is a couple weeks. As investors, we are often quick to claim credit for our successes and equally quick at fault others for our failures, and I am no exception. While I am sorely enticed to view what has occurred at Apple and Amazon as vindication of my value judgments, I know better.

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