I Didn’t Know That!!!

One of the pleasures of Linux is that you can try out different distributions to see which one is most effective for you. You likeUbuntu, nevertheless, you want to fine tune the desktop engine? OK, tryKubuntu using its KDE desktop then. Some worth it distributions, however, don’t get as much attention as they are worthy of.

So, here’s my list of five great distributions that you may want to try. Before starting into my list, i want to preface it by saying that this is a summary of what I consider relatively easy to use desktop distributions. So, while Debianis a great distribution, I haven’t included it because to get the most from it you ought to be a skilled Linux consumer.

I also haven’t included special purpose distributions like my favorite system repair Linux, SystemRescueCD. It’s a great system repair operating-system. Even if you don’t care for Linux as well as your job is bringing misbehaving PCs back into line you want to get a copy. It, however, is not a good, general purpose desktop.

So, without further adieu, here’s my set of the five best desktop Linuxes you might not have tried. First, on my list can be an old favorite of mine: SimplyMEPIS. What I like concerning this distribution is that, way more than some other Linux I understand, it just works. It really does. I install it on any machine, it runs and life is good. I especially like this its originator, Warren Woodford, includes several small, but useful resources to make using the desktop easier extremely. So why haven’t you heard about it?

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Well, MEPIS is in many ways a labor of love. Woodford isn’t just the creator; he’s also, by his own choice, the only major builder. Which means that when sometimes life pulls him from the distribution which happened lately away. Now, however, Woodford is back to working on his Debian-based distribution so a new version of MEPIS should soon be arriving. Believe me; it will be well worth your time and effort.

Another distribution which fell on hard times, but is back again and looking excellent is gOS (Good OS). The first version got a lot of attention being the “Google operating-system,” because rather than emphasizing desktop applications it centered on bringing users Google’s applications. It’s not that, but after a 2.0 version, which wasn’t that well polished, the latest version gOS 3.0, though, looks sweet really. It’s meant really for OEMs to install on netbooks, but you can and utilize it on your own PC download. It includes an installer for a small horde of Google Gadgets, as well as links to Google Mail, Calendar, Reader, etc. etc. You get the basic idea.