Which Platform is Easier to Create a Website With? In conditions of how easy it is to create a website that looks great quickly, Wix is the winner. Wix isn’t as flexible after you build that basic website, but it is a superb solution for churning out a simple quickly, aesthetic website.

WordPress is still simple enough – but you’ll need to leap through some hoops as it pertains to hosting your website, and it’s a bit more complicated to get your site create. Here’s how easy it is to create a website with Wix: First, you subscribe. We’ll choose a Restaurant website for this example. And once you’re done, whatever you do is click Publish to make your website live.

The entire process is easy and undeniably possible for beginners….presuming you like Wix’s pre-built themes and don’t want to customize things too much. Whereas with Wix you can sign and start editing your site immediately up, WordPress takes a few preliminary steps. Before you begin, you’ll need to join up for web hosting and get the own website name.

While that can be an added step, most hosts nowadays make the procedure pretty pain-free – so you’re probably only adding about 5-10 minutes to starting out. You’ll find both paid and free themes, and some styles include something called “demo” content so that also, much like Wix, you just need to modify the pre-filled content, rather than creating your site from scrape. While WordPress isn’t as easy as Wix, it’s still fairly easy for a non-developer to create a functional, aesthetic website using WordPress. JUST HOW MUCH Control ARE YOU EXPERIENCING Over Your Website’s Functionality?

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Whereas Wix gained when it emerged to ease of usage, WordPress knocks things out of the park when it comes to customizations and flexibility. This app market gives you more versatility than something like Squarespace but nonetheless doesn’t come close to covering every one of the things that can be done with WordPress. Currently, the Wix App Market only has 288 applications in total. As you’ll see in a second, that pales in comparison to WordPress.

Beyond that, you’re also severely limited when it comes to making your own code tweaks (or possessing a developer make code tweaks for you). Wix will sort of permit you to add custom code, but only in a “sandboxed iFrame” with a genuine number of limitations. With WordPress, you have more versatility on both fronts far.

First off, let’s focus on plugins. WordPress plugins enable you to add new features or tweak existing functionality without having to know any code. Currently, WordPress has over 53,000 different free plugins that you can set up, with thousands more high quality plugins. Want to incorporate social media into your site? Utilize a social press plugin. Same with advertising management, contact forms, quizzes, and much every other functionality you can come up with pretty. Beyond that, you (or a developer) are absolve to add any custom code to your internet site, which gives you more versatility even. Unlike Wix, you don’t have to contend with any code limitations.