MBA Advisor: An Interview With Cornell Johnson’s MBA Gatekeeper

The two-year MBA Class of 2020 at Cornell Johnson represents 40 countries; it is 33% women and 15% underrepresented minorities. Applications were slightly at Cornell this collapse. Though it comprises only 15% underrepresented minorities, it is nevertheless one of the very most diverse MBA classes to start at Cornell Johnson, says Judi Byers, executive director of admissions and financial aid.

The 699 average GMAT score represents a one-point drop from 2017, but Cornell’s five-year picture for the reason that metric is still with an upswing of seven points. But still the worrisome matter of the decline in overseas applications there’s, a factor for many if not most elite B-schools. Even as the political atmosphere causes international MBA applicants to reassess their programs to review in the U.S., some have continuing to check out post-graduation employment opportunities as well as the evolving changes with regard to U.S. “American universities and colleges,” reads the brief, “have long recognized the importance of appealing to international students, faculty, personnel, and scholars.

International scholars and faculty share important insights about conditions, customs, and cultural ideals and methods in their nations. Their work leads to critical advancements across all disciplines, from science and technology to arts and letters, often through cross-border collaborations that enhance their teaching and research. International students study here and return home as leaders in business, medicine, politics, and other fields. Cornell’s Ranking was No. 15 in U.S. News, up from No. 16, and No. 17 in The Financial Times, up from No. 27. Practically speaking, what is the impact of your rating in U.S. News and in FT? How do those rankings have an effect on the admissions process?

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Our ranks show clear progress and are reflective of our commitment to providing the best possible learning experience for our students as well as continuing to develop our prestige among peer universities while we innovate and grow. When you acknowledge a person who also gets accepted to 1 of your peer institutions, who wins that fight more regularly? Not alwayslooking for data, just a sense of where those lucky students choose to visit usually.

Looking at our average annual produce, more than half of the learning students we confess favor red to other college colors! Ultimately, the luckiest students are the ones who choose to sign up in the program and community that best fits their values, interests, and to some extent, personality. I believe every talented candidate who is honest with them self when evaluating these variables throughout the admissions process, and specially when evaluating offers of admission, has the greatest likelihood to accomplish their dream fit and MBA experience.

Relatedly, what is the pitch Cornell uses to get the learning students you want? At Cornell, we look for students who wish to have an impact and who value and thrive in highly collaborative communities. Well before I started at Cornell, I thought that Cornell MBA students and alumni were bright always, accomplished, humble, and generous with their time plus some of the very most thoughtful individuals you will ever meet.