How To Target North Platte River Monsters

My facts are not scientific, these are from experience. I’ve been angling the Reef in the fall for the past 8 years. I’ve spent a minimum of 20 times each fall angling for trophy trout with streamers and have been extremely successful not only with the quality but the quantity also.

In the last 4 years the number has diminished and in the last 2 years the product quality has also fallen. Now I realize this could be God’s notion of a good giggle, however in the last 8 years I’ve come to know several of the local manuals who have noticed the same situation in their business.

We remain seeing some fish and catching some in the 24 to 29 in. Range. 5 to 8 years ago have never been seen. SHOULD me there believe they remain? Yes. Have they completely transformed practices because of the quantity of traffic that has become more and more the last 4 years?

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Bottom series, You can only just disturbe, bump, spook a big fish only a lot before he adapts a different life-style. And, he’s only heading to make one or two 2 mistakes every fall before he remembers how he got big. This is what much traffic can and will do to a fishery too. A couple of 4 major outfitters (including yourself) there in Casper and each of you are selling the same thing.

How big the trout are in the fall and how rediculous the streamer fishing is. Each of you have seen increases in your fall business days gone by 4 years. And healthy, I’m not trying to diminish the to make a living or the right to share the knowledge with others.

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