Nongovernmental Organizations As Institutional Actors In International Business: Theory And Implications

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have emerged as major actors in international business. NGOs have assumed a particularly prominent role in influencing the conversation between business and government authorities over the conditions of international business guidelines, norms, and methods, the conditions put on international investment projects especially. Within this paper, we argue that the rise of NGOs as important institutional actors requires new perspectives on state-firm interactions within an era of increasing globalization. Host government authorities and multinational corporations (MNCs) must now critically evaluate the impact of nongovernmental actors on investment plans and projects.

The animation industry is a specialist field that has taken demanding strides and made progress over time. The advancement in technology has given a lift to the growth of this industry. Many new designations and business opportunities have emerged in this field. Its use and benefits have proliferated in several other fields, which range from commercial, non-commercial world to educational institutions.

The use of computer animation can be produced for the intended purpose of brand promotion. An animator may use the computer images for embellishing the look of the website of the business. The images make the web promotion easy and effective. It increases the interactive component of the website of a business.

One can also use animated images for the advertising or marketing of the web site. For instance, a marketer can use the computer graphics on the website of an organization. You can highlight the messages of the business in using these interactive images. A designer can even play with the colors of the images to be utilized in the website. You can also use the animated images on the web banners.

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In other words, it is effective for the advertising of online business. The educational institutes can also use these attractive images while imparting audio-video lessons to the students. You can create animated pictures while presenting a text on any subject. These pictures are self-explanatory in nature. They make the understanding of the text quick and simple. It becomes convenient for the learning students to grasp the subject with convenience. An individual can also promote the web site of a non-commercial or non-profit making institute by using flash. The cartoon making is employed by the movies and entertainment industry often.

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Klein is an assistant professor in the Management Department at Grand Valley State University. She received her Ph.D. University of Michigan in Computer and Information Systems and is thinking about Object Oriented Software development, business process redesign and the use of ERP as a tool for learning in higher education.

Nancy M. Levenburg can be an associate professor in the Management Department at Grand Valley State University. She received her Ph.D. Union Institute & University, and did post-graduate study at Harvard University and UCLA. Her primary research interests include electronic commerce and strategic applications of information technologies. Marie McKendall is a teacher in the Management Department at Grand Valley State University.

She received her Ph.D. Management from Michigan State University. Her main research interest is organizational illegality. William M. Mothersell can be an assistant professor in the Management Department at Grand Valley State University. He received his Ph.D. Michigan State University or college in Industrial and Labor Relationships. His research interests include strategic human resource management, organizational development and behavior, and lean transformation.

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