Knowledge To Negotiate

Most of the time in licensing software the licensee is not writing any private information with the licensor. As such the only time a licensor should want one to maintain confidentiality duties is when these are providing you with highly delicate information such as source code or they may be letting you make copies of the materials.

For things like source code a licensor might want you to deal with that as private. If you were to agree to that, a standard standard would be that you consent to manage that in the same manner as you control your own private information. Concerning copies you ought to have the right to make copies for both archival use as well as for disaster recovery purposes.

If you make copies the licensor will also want to protect their intellectual rights in those materials by requiring you to include copyright and proprietary legends on any certified copies. As the licensor considers those materials to be confidential they will further want one to return or demolish materials upon termination.

Limitations of liability for software licenses are no unique of for the purchase of goods. They involve three elements typically. What type of problems may be claimed by the ongoing parties. Any kind of clauses in the license where there is an exception or carve out from the limitation on the types of damages which may be claimed.

The last component is whether there is a financial limit on the amount of damages that may be claimed. The indemnifications should be carved from the limitation of responsibility as those are not direct damages that the licensee sustains, those are third party claims. Further because they are third party promises the licensee has no ability to regulate the amount of those claims so all a limitation will do is make the licensee possibly liable for the licensor’s functions.

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Traditional insurances a buyer may want a supplier to provide when you get goods is no different than what the licensee should want the licensor to provide under a software license. To make them more appropriate or applicable you can make them conditional requirements always. For example a licensor might not want to be forced to carry automobile insurance in the amount you require, especially if they don’t be using automobiles in performing do the job.

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