Heritage Swords and Shields

Each Heritage Sword and Shield was handcrafted from a single sheet of brass plated steel. Each one is individually painted to reflect the family’s coat of arms. The swords are handcrafted in Toledo, Spain by skilled artisans. Each one comes with a sword mount that allows you to proudly display it. The family history and origin of each blade is also included. If you have any questions with regards to exactly where along with the way to use family surname research, you can call us with our own web site.

Excalibur Sword

Although Excalibur Swords are often associated with King Arthur’s sword, there is more to this legendary sword that meets the eye. The Excalibur sword has a rich and varied history. Excalibur means “cutting through steel and iron”, so anyone can own an Excalibur sword. Magically powered weapons have always been a part of all cultures. According to the Mahabharatam legend, Arjuna used a magic bow called Gandiva to free the legendary dragon Gandiva. Similar to Islamic culture, the two-bladed sword Zulfikar is also available in Islamic.

Legendary swords often have names that come from Celtic and anchor Welsh traditions. The Lady of the Lake gave King Arthur the Excalibur Sword (or Caledfwlch, in Cornish). This sword wasn’t forged in this realm, anchor but rather was gifted to him by an extremely powerful magical force. It came from another realm and must be returned. This legend is also said to have inspired the name of this sword.

Legendary Swords. This legend features the Sword in Stone. Robert de Boron was the first to add this concept. He depicts the Excalibur’s sword as being embedded within a massive rock. Later writers made this stone. The Vulgate Cycle distinguished the Sword in Stone form the Excalibur blade, and the Post-Vulgate Cycle continued this tradition. Malory is another possible source for this mythical weapon.

Heritage Swords and Shields 2

Excalibur Shield

The Excalibur Shield, a Medieval relic, is a fine example a heritage sword. The blade of this sword is almost four feet long and has a detailed embossed design. A wooden mount has been made with the sword’s national title and a hand-painted coat. This shield will add a touch of class and style to your collection. If you have any type of questions relating to where and just how to utilize family sword and shield, you can contact us at our website.