Kushner To Head To Mideast To Push Palestinian Economic Plan

50 billion economic support plans for the Palestinians that they’ve declined since it ignores their politics demands. Kushner specified the plan’s ambitious investment and development goals at a Bahrain meeting last month. It depends heavily on private sector investment in the West Bank or investment company, Gaza as well as Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. The plan acknowledges its success depends on completing a long-elusive Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. Trump has cut help and political support to the Palestinians. Critics say that presents his administration’s pro-Israel bias.

But as banks struggle with increasing loan losses, some issuers of trust-preferred securities much longer are able their responsibilities no. In the first half of 2009, 119 U.S. 26 defaulted on the securities. The results are cascading down to banks that bought the securities. On August 19, in Emails from a Bank or investment company Owner regarding FDIC and Under-Capitalized Banks I published some interesting comments from a bank or investment company owner on capitalization.

I have a few more emails to share, one of them written on July 4th following the six-Illinois bank or investment company failures. As you might have noticed the FDIC closed seven banks on Thursday. Six of the banks were in Illinois and one was in Texas. The Texas bank appears to have been closed by the FDIC after loan loss depleted capital. However, the six bank’s in Illinois were all closed after SECURITY LOSSES depleted their capital.

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Each of the banking institutions had massive loss on their March 31, 2009 call report in the category securities gain (deficits). Security deficits are a non-operating item and are shown after pre-tax operating income on the call report. This is very uncommon and possibly reveals another cancer tumor concealing on many banks balance bedding. The cancer appears to be OTHER DOMESTIC DEBT SECURITIES.

If you go the call reviews on the FDIC website and go to schedule RC-B- Securities you will find these assets outlined as other home debt securities. Bonds, notes, debentures, equipment trust certificates, and commercial paper issued by US-chartered corporations and other U.S. Preferred stock of U.S.- chartered corporations and business trusts that by its conditions either must be redeemed by the issuing company or trust or is redeemable at the option of the trader, including trust preferred securities subject to mandatory redemption. It really is quite possible that what triggered the failure of these six banking institutions in Illinois were investments in trust preferred securities.

Trust preferred securities are fundamentally an unprotected loan to a bank or investment company holding company using a creative structure. Trust preferred came out of nowhere about 10 years and got the area of banking institutions stock loans ago. A banker could borrow money on a LIBOR basis in support of be required to pay interest for up to 30 years. Because of the unique structure of the Federal Reserve blessed it and allowed banking institutions to count some of the debt as equity. Quite simply the personal debt had not been really personal debt by definition.