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How do you choose to do fitness testing? So, I decided to write this post as an answer compared to that relevant question. To be up front – this post is DESCRIPTIVE Just, not PRESCRIPTIVE. What I mean is that I’m not saying you must do things the same manner, I’m detailing just how I do things to give a good example and ideally be helpful. You’re specific school, students, teaching style and district requirements are different than mine – and that means you should do what you think is best for your kids. Honestly, this is one of the units that I have a problem with the most.

I’ve brainstormed lots of different ideas and considered various ways to do “Fitness Testing” and I’m still not 100% sure if it’s the best way to reach kids and instruct them about exercise. I start to see the value in assisting students figure out how to place goals also, and then allowing them to see the improvement over the year with pre and post-tests. The only thing is, I’m not necessarily sure if the number of students that are being impacted positively will probably be worth the ones that might be getting turned off to exercise all together.

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Sometimes I ask myself, if it’s worthwhile to boost students’ fitness levels through goal setting if they get turned off to exercise through the process? In my own personal situation, our condition and area require fitness tests, therefore I don’t genuinely have the choice of debating if to do it. If I wasn’t necessary to do it – I believe I might end up creating an American Ninja Warrior Unit or some other themed fitness unit that kids would resonate with a bit more than doing exercise to a cadence. All that to say – this is one way I do Fitness Testing in my own PE Classes. Note: I have 50-minute classes, a week once.

So this unit often takes about 3 Weeks in the Fall for a Pre-test. 3 Weeks in the Spring for a Post-test. My class sizes are usually around 25-30 students for 50-60 or single with 2 classes and 2 educators. 2nd – 5th – partner up and run the test while your lover helps you count and watches for mistakes, switch it up following the first round.

After the video – I take questions and I quickly assign half the kids to the curl-up mats and half the kids count for a partner. We go through one circular and switch it up and replicate. Following the test I have different activity stations set up and the students rotate around while I really do testing with about 25% of the class at the same time.

We do the Sit and Reach Test (3rd – 5th) and with 4th and 5th we also do Height and Weight measurements. Yr that I have the students watch I also made an explanation video last, because I got tired of explaining the same thing over and over again 1 zillion times. Usually, we don’t completely finish all the Sit and Reach and Height and Weight in one course period since we spent time on the Curlups Test.

If have any students that didn’t get to be able to do to complete the assessments, we get to them the next week after the Pushup Test. The way I really do Pushups is essentially the very same way I do Curlups. Watch the video overview, then split kids up and half the class tests while the spouse counts – then we switch it up.

After the test, kids finish up any Sit and Reach or Height and Weight that we didn’t get to the previous week. Week If the course already finished everything through the prior, They receive by me a choice of doing channels or playing a fun game. At the end of the entire year I print reports with their scores and progress for all of my 4th and 5th grade students.

Yes, – 2nd graders (or any quality) will be horrible at doing pushups/curlups/pacer if it’s the first time they’ve ever done it. Nobody rocks! At something the very first time they try it… don’t worry, don’t put a huge amount of pressure in it to execute well and don’t expect them to be awesome – you have 3 more years with them. I just write student’s ratings in on my rosters and transfer the ratings to the computer for printing my fitness reports by the end of the year with my 5th graders.