To demonstrate your understanding of the research process and also to take part in a thoughtful analysis of a meaningful contemporary issue, you shall write a letter to a publication, person, corporation or business that persuades them on a specific moral concern. For your research, examine a modern ethical issue linked with current corporate and consumer practices. Your persuasive letter paragraphs need not follow the PIE format of literary analysis. In fact, business characters are brief, do each goes beyond one page of single-spaced type rarely.

Click here to visit a business letter format for typing. • Introduction-creative attention device and specific moral thesis-the point you want to verify. • The essential arguments on both comparative edges of the moral question. Consider the results, pros and cons of every position. You might need to add some short background information. Information in these paragraphs shall be supported with in-text citations. Using “according to” or other signal phrases is effective in a business letter; however, you might use parenthetical, in-text citations.

Complete some form of note-taking that ensures you are properly paraphrasing and properly using immediate quotations so you do not plagiarize. Annotating printouts works well for note taking. Alternatively, you utilize note or paper cards to capture information without printing it. Just be careful to use quotation marks when you are copying lines exactly. As you research, remember that you must guide a minimum of three credible sources. • Credible web sites have a known writer (usually one that can be contacted), links that work, few grammatical mistakes, and shown resources.

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• If you are using articles from the school’s on-line databases, you are guaranteed they are credible. • If you use a source not from the school’s database, create a stream map that presents why you determine the source was credible. Start to see the circulation map glued in your notebook. 3. Flow maps that track the credibility of Internet resources not found on school databases.

4. Some proof notetaking, probably annotated Internet printouts. Understand that The Writing Center is open before school and during lunch to work with you. Also, check out the instructor’s blog for links to citing sources and formatting a business letter. Anytime between Monday Your letter is due, April 5 and Monday, April 12. You won’t obtain past due factors if you submit the paper by Monday, April 12 at 3:10 p.m.–the last day of the deadline screen. I will grade the papers on “an initial in, first graded” basis in the event you want to take that under consideration when planning your due date.

You can establish a desired culture base in an business by attracting and advancing individuals with the beliefs you want, and removing those with undesired value bases. That is what organizations are trying when they propose securing admissions requirements to display out undesirables. This plan is constant with the belief that the problems experienced by the business result from a few “bad apples” , nor reflect systemic problems.

However, if a solid culture bias exists, it may be strong to be changed by selection alone too. Schein has five guidelines. 1. Don’t oversimplify culture or confuse it with weather, values, or corporate and business philosophy. Culture underlies and largely establishes these other factors. Trying to improve values or climate without getting at the underlying culture is a futile effort. 2. Don’t label culture as exclusively a recruiting (read “touchy-feely”) aspect of an organization, impacting only its human being side.