A Look At THE NEXT Season Of This Iconic Adventure Series

This hub is a continuation of 1 of my popular hubs, Focus on: Airwolf: Season I – A quick in-depth look at the classic TV series. We come to the seasons Two Now. One thing that has been sorely missing in this action adventure is a strong female presence. In the last episode of season one, we were introduced to a possible female add-on, Antonia Donatelli, but also for whatever reason, her character wasn’t picked up.

Instead, in the first episode, we are released to Caitlin O’Shaughnessy, performed by Jean Bruce Scott. Her personality goes head to head with a sadistic sheriff, played by perennial television baddie Lance LeGault. Her personality evidently resonated with viewers and continued to appear in most of the second season and third. Caitlin is a helicopter patrolwoman for the Texas Highway Patrol. While going after a fleeing biker, she’s a run-in with Pope County Sheriff J.J.

Bogan (Lance LeGault) that nearly results in her rape and murder. While in Pope County, she meets Stringfellow Hawke. When Hawke runs afoul of Bogan, he’s forced to make his get away and uses Airwolf to aid Caitlin in hers. Later, Caitlin manages to find Stringfellow and Dom and Santini hires her to work in your free time at Santini Air after Caitlin leaves the Highway Patrol. While reticent showing Caitlin where Airwolf is hidden, Stringfellow eventually relents and Caitlin is trained to serve as a back-up pilot for the supercomputer in the event that String and Dom are ever incapacitated.

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Jean Bruce Scott graduated from La Quinta High School in Westminster, California in 1974. She went on to college at California State University and UCLA. She made her TV debut in an episode of Knight Rider and has already established recurring roles in Television shows like St. Elsewhere, Magnum PI, and the cleaning soap opera Days of Our Lives.

She has been married to actor Randy Reinholz since 1989. She currently builds up and producers plays written by Native Americans. Moffett’s Ghost October 6, 1984 While attempting to retrieve an American diplomat from Russia, Airwolf undergoes some malfunctions caused by the late Dr. Charles Moffett, its originator. Prisoner of Yesterday February 9, 1985 Doc Gifford (Nicholas Campbell) is kidnapped to treat aging groundbreaking who is dying Nicholas Campbell. Several guests from season 1 came back for the next season as well.

I won’t reintroduce those guests, but I am going to here relist them. Deborah Pratt, David Hemmings, James Whitmore Jr., Christopher Connelly, Lance Jeff, and LeGault MacKay all come back. Except for Pratt, Connelly, and Hemmings, though, everybody else gets to play a different role. Character Played: Sheriff J.J. H, The A-Team, Quantum Leap, Home Improvement.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, JAG, and The West Wing. He was an accomplished saxophone player. His widow wrote a stark and riveting one-girl stage plays chronicling life after his passing entitled “Surviving David”. This is actually Eugene’s second Airwolf appearance, having first appeared in the pilot as Senator William Dietz. His prolific film career spanned four years and his jobs included both serious dramatic roles and comic foils. He might be best remembered for his role in Webster as Bill Parker, the amiable landlord. He previously continuing tasks in every in the Family also, Magnum P.I., Soap, and Dave’s World, among others.

His notable guest performances include Ironside, Kojak, Hutch and Starsky, Lou Grant, Taxi, Quincy M.E., Night Court, Murder She Wrote and Star Trek: Voyager. Six years on screen help define Joseph Campanella’s life in Hollywood. He got his begin in 1952 performing uncredited cameo functions in the show Suspense. He has appeared on several daytime cleaning soap operas, including Guiding Light, Days of Our Lives, and The Bold and the stunning. His recurring TV functions have included Brian Darrell in The Bold Ones: The Lawyers, Lew Wickersham in Mannix, Trip to a Time and Hutch Corrigan in The Colbys Ed Cooper in One.

He’s also made a large number of one-shot guest performances, including 21 Jump Street, Mission Impossible, The FBI, Ironside, The Rockford Files, Star Trek: Voyager, Cold CSI and Case. Animation fans would recognize his voice as that of Curt Connors in the animated adventures of Spiderman. He has been wedded since 1964 and has seven children. Robin Riker made her film acting debut with an episode of Black Sheep Squadron in the ’70’s. Since then, her television credits have been extremely prolific. She’s had starring roles in shows like Brothers, Get a Life, Shaky Ground, Thunder Alley as well as the Gregory Hines Show.

She also got starring roles on the cleaning soap opera’s Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the stunning. H, Murder She Wrote, Boston Legal, Bones as well as the Closer. She is married to Cinematographer and Special Effects expert Evan A. Nesbitt. Barbara Howard is probably best remembered on her behalf role as Robin Agretti on the excellent time cleaning soap opera Falcon Crest. She’s had a number of visitor roles, though, including stints on shows like Silver Spoons, In the Heat of the Night, The Nanny, Millennium, and Early Edition.