Skin Care PRODUCT CRITIQUES And Expert Skin Care Tips

A perfect look starts with good pores and skin. No matter your age, skin tone, or skin type, TotalBeauty has all the resources you will need to help you create a skin care routine that works for you. From expert advice from dermatologists and estheticians to the most recent, most advanced Korean skin care products, we’ll let you know everything you need to learn to get the glowing skin you deserve.

The Magic Dust, a gentle frosted white silver shadow, was right up my alley, and appeared beautiful both as a highlighter and on it’s own. Even though I’m totally not capable of recreating a smoky vision, I adored the look of the Moth Brown (smoky charcoal dark brown with gray Frost) on another woman.

It’s definitely a must-try for anyone who adores a smooth, smoky eyes. Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder (a light red with silver precious metal shimmer) on top. I liked the Glimmer Shimmer but have doubts that I’d have the ability to use it well myself, but the natural beauty powder would go over any blush lovely, and provides a subtle, pretty glow.

For Lips: I thought my makeup looked very nice, but when Amber was finished applying everything, I was mesmerized by how beautiful my lip area looked absolutely. First, she lined them with Dervish (not a Barbie product), then applied Sweet and Single, a neutral silvered plum lipstick with multicolored pearl. She topped it off with Sweetness, a light baby pink lipglass with (more) multicolored pearls. Multicolored pearl, where have you been all my entire life?

  1. Have a logo, and nice fonts; have simple navigation and don’t mess it up
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  5. 1/2 tsp. of sea sodium
  6. Refined Sugar – 1 Cup

My lip area was red and sparkly without going over the top, the color only a little darker than my natural red. Depending on how much gloss you applied and exactly how dark the lipstick underneath was, you could ramp up the effect really, but for me it was right just. Did other people try a few of the products in this collection? I’d like to listen to what you thought about it!

Aside from my impossible T-Zone, I didn’t have to touch up anywhere else for the entire day. Another thing I must say I love about this base is how it generally does not look cakey or over-done after a couple touch-ups. You can still start to see the natural pinkish-tinge to my epidermis, yet it seems to blur over imperfections without looking too opaque or heavy. It’s touted as having “medium, buildable coverage”; although you’ll definitely need a concealer for any scars or red blemishes.

I have a couple of blemish-scars that are fading but still quite red – this didn’t totally cover them but definitely blurred them out. It made my small brown beauty-mark on my cheek completely disappear almost, however. I find this applies with a heavy magnificently, dense shipping-brush, but also for touch-ups, the sponge provided enough is soft and servicable.