How Much Is Your House Worth In 2019?

In order to determine your home’s value, first research your particular micro-market. Dublin is is and first shown in order of its postcodes. The even numbers run first (Dublin 2, 4, 6), then the odd numbers (1, 3, 5), and lastly the markets of Dublin North County, South County, and West County. We list the other Leinster counties next, under a blue color code.

Next under a red color code, come Cork city’s marketplaces, Limerick state and city and the other Munster markets. After these come Galway city and the Connacht markets, colour-coded green. Finally, we list the Ulster counties. These have a red-on-white color code. We have listed the most typical property types first. These usually include (however, not always) three- and four-bed semis in towns, and three- and four-bed bungalows in the counties. Trace down through the desk to find your premises type.

You will see our valuer’s estimation of how much an average property in the region will sell for today. We list the better-known locations or biggest people centered near the top of each market. In some instances (Terenure, Milltown, and Portarlington), locations span more than one postcode or region. We provide an in-depth analysis report on every single micro-market predicated on our expert’s views and other localized factors. You will find an ‘average price’ overall shown for your local market.

This figure is dependent on an average value of a group of the most frequent property types in the area. Where there are few property types to warrant a listing inside our desks too, we have left these out – for example there are no period-two-story-over-basement properties outlined in Dublin 10 (Ballyfermot). JUST HOW MUCH Is Your House Worth? 2018 can be an opinion-based study built on the neighborhood experts’ professional, for today informed view of what the average version of each kind of property detailed will sell. It scientifically is not put together.

But because JUST HOW MUCH Is Your House Worth? All numbers shown derive from ‘average of the averages’ of stock types in the geographic locations outlined. So if your home is situated in a less or better salubrious part of your postcode or county, you will need to element in those differences.

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Some property types plus some markets will sometimes exhibit developments that defy the market norms. Where possible, these irregularities have been described by us. For example, in D10 two-bed former Corpo homes are similarly priced to three-beds (the latter have the bathrooms located downstairs). In which a market is too large geographically to be included in the expertise of 1 agent (Donegal, for example), we’ve sought the help of two. Where highly priced enclaves skew prices too radically, we have spliced them out and analyzed them separately (Killarney is divided from the others of Kerry).

Where imbalances or errors have arisen historically, or where we’ve changed local experts, we have readjusted our data retrospectively to bring it into range. Each market report is accompanied by a picture of a house which includes been sold in the last a year with the price listed on the national property price register provided. How much is your home value in 2018? How much is theirs worth? Today the Irish Independent has the answers.

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