Who’s Who In The Beauty Biz

The primary goal of the Beauty Brains is to help you, our readers, become smarter customers by educating you about cosmetic products. While the majority of our posts deal with the technology and science of these products, we will sometimes post about the business enterprise side of the industry as well. So here we present the Who’s Who of the Beauty Biz. Here you will discover all the companies that make the industry go. You might be amazed who is the owner of which brands.

Now go forth and enjoy your chocolate all you have to in your lifestyle, without fretting about calories! If I come across any longer ways to use cocoa or hot delicious chocolate for beauty products, I’ll make sure to update. Chocolate DessertsHot Chocolate vs. Hot Cocoa: A glance at the Basic Differences and HOW EXACTLY TO Enjoy Them. 0 of 8192 individuals usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in remarks, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your write-ups or other sites.

Update: I attempted the cocoa powder in my shampoo. I believe it at least provides it hook tint, although it is hard to inform. Cocoa is in some of these special shampoos for brunettes, so that it must be a little effective. But regardless, it smells good! Wow, this is a spectacular article! I am in the mood for chocolate snow.

I would have never thought there were so many uses for natural cocoa powder. I am going to have fun tests some of these recipes away. Great ideas. I’ll try the eye shadow I only wear brown and have trouble finding one I like that doesn’t have all the sparkle in it. I’m too old for my make-up to be real sparkly and the sparkles enter my eye and it melts away. Plenty of ideas is never considered. This hub is enjoyed by me! I’ve been tinkering with making natural cosmetics recently (with mixed results) and can’t wait to try some of the above mentioned.

  • Super smooth skin
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin
  • 1″ or more of ginger, sliced
  • I love don pablos ! Yummmy! and red lobster

Obviously well researched too. Voted up, awesome, shared, and useful. Thank you for a great hub! Wow, what smart ideas! I especially like the idea of the hair powder and natural lip balm. Who would’ve thought cocoa had so many uses other than drinking? I’ve linked it directly into my makeup crafts for teenagers hub as it is ideal with all the DIY tips and links.

Great amount of research done here, congrats on this thorough work! VU, Useful, Shared, and Interesting. Who have thought? Unbelievable but it makes sense, and I’m sure users would be surprised. Cocoa in you locks? Sorry my locks color wouldn’t accommodate it, but I’ll discuss this with my friends. Thanks a lot for the given information. Voted Up and Useful!