What song must i sing to audition for the part of Belle from Beauty and the Beast? I’m a mid-range alto, but we’ve have to prepare a song to sing to audition. And I have no idea what to do. I suggest something from Anastasia. A lot of people will probably be auditioning with disney songs, but something from what is called non/disney would be in the right theme however, not overdone still.

If I were you, I’d do journey to days gone by. Prince of Egypt (uncertain if it’s a musical though)|||Belle is a mezzo-soprano role. She’s a variety, down from an E3 (E below Middle C) up for an F5 (F above Middle C). If you’re an alto, you almost certainly can’t reach the higher notes perfectly so you may want to consider auditioning for another part.

But if you still want to audition for Belle, be sure you sing something that really showcases your range and personality because almost every female will be auditioning for the same part. Disney tunes would be a good choice certainly, but a complete lot of them are extremely overdone. Don’t sing “Portion of Your World” or “Reflection” – you will drive the casting directors insane!

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I think a good tune to do could be “Just THROUGHOUT THE Riverbend” from Pocahontas. For your range, you could probably do a great ‘Reflection’ from Mulan. Or maybe ‘God Help the Outcasts’ from Hunchback of Notre Dame. Or ‘Once Upon a Dream’ from Sleeping Beauty.

These are a few I could think of off the very best of my head. I’ve sang those hateful pounds, and I’m a mezzo-soprano, but they were low for me personally fairly, so I wish they do the job! I love A apparent change in Me and Home from Beauty and the Beast.

Seeing as they’re slower, very powerful songs, I would suggest Unexpected Song or Maybe This Time. But if you’re taking a sweet, more Disney-esque song, you should do Once Upon A Dream. Hope I possibly could help and all the best! Well any Disney track would be perfect. Or anything from Les Miserables is always good to show off range. Personally I’d choose a song that I understand perfectly and showcases the vocal and emotional selection of Belle.|||Why not sing “Til There was You”?