We Make Investments Primarily In Shares

MEAG, the joint asset supervisor of Munich and ERGO Re, manages the investments of ERGO. The business is one of the major traders in the European fund sector. A thorough, joint controlling system operated by ERGO and MEAG means that we meet the commitments to our customers over the future.

A dedicated early-warning system at the ERGO Group screens compliance with the mandate specifications to MEAG every day. This also takes account of the investment categories, quality and limits. We primarilyinvest in shares, corporate and government bonds as well as in public areas-interest-bearing securities which adhere to sustainability criteria. To this end, our asset supervisor MEAG is relying on data by MSCI, a respected supplier of sustainability research and ratings.

MEAG invests the capital based on the provisions and suggestions of our process for sustainable investments. This approach ensures that our investments meet our requirements on sustainability on the permanent basis. Consistent with our corporate responsibility strategy, we make an effort to contribute to mitigating the impact of environment change with these investments, too. Consequently, we support the power transformation and the renunciation of fossil fuels and have taken the Group decision never to invest in companies that create more than 30 percent of their profits from coal removal or coal-fired power era.

Under Section 80EE of Income Tax Act, one can claim a deduction up to Rs.50,000 on home loan interest. Even though, most of the taxpayers postpone taxes planning till the last quarter, which results in hassled decisions. The best time to plan the tax-saving investments reaches the start of the financial year. If a person start planning tax-saving investments at the beginning of the financial year, then the investments made can multiply over a long-term period and can help the given individual to fulfill their long-term financial goals.

The tax-payers can follow these pointers to plan the taxes saving for the entire year and make a smart decision while buying tax saving investments plans. In case your tax-saving expenses cover the maximum limit of Rs.1.5 lakh, you will not require investing the entire amount then. Based on the target and risk profile, choose the tax-saving investments such as PPF, ELSS funds, Bank NPS, and FDs.

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Let’s check out the payments suitable for tax-deduction U/S 80C from it Act. This is the most popular tax saving investments plans. The premium paid towards the full-life insurance policy up to the maximum limit of Rs.1.Yr is qualified to receive tax exemption under section 80C of TAX Work 5 lakh in a financial.

The exemption is applicable only in case the premium is less than 10% of the sum assured. The training fees paid for children up to the utmost limit of Rs.1.5 lakh are also eligible for tax exemption under section 80C of Income Tax Act. Tax exemption under section 80C of TAX Act does apply to the total amount home loan repayment is taken by the individual to buy or create a home property.