The Real Hello Kitty Story

Commercialization of the Hello Kitty concept expanded to major products and franchises. Taiwan-based Eva Air emblazoned Hello Kitty on their airlines and their ticketing materials. As with all mass-market concept product crazes, some individuals might be still left wondering how such a simple personality as the Hello Kitty personality could hold this appeal to so many people.

There is nothing at all spectacular about the story plot type of the Hello Kitty character. Here complete name is Kitty White, and she dwells with her parents and her sister Mimmy in London, England. However, the story plot line does not appear to be the true appeal-it’s the abstraction of the character. Hello, Kitty is not an embellished character in any way, and so people of all ethnicities and age group can effectively read into her whatever they need. Japanese desire for cartoons extends into adult life, and so it isn’t uncommon for a magical character to hold a spell over an entire population of people regardless of how old they are.

The Japanese are a highly visible culture, and the Hello Kitty character plays into that facet of their society quite nicely. Because Kitty is such a simple visible expression of the basic idea, she catches on with folks of all educational and cultural backgrounds quickly. It is this aspect of the Hello Kitty phenomenon that lends itself easily to transforming it into an icon or a mascot representing a group’s values or ideals. In this particular sense, it is no surprise that non-profit organizations have adopted Hello Kitty as the emblem of their organization’s culture and school of thought.

For example, Hello Kitty gained the honor UNICEF Special Friend of Children and in Hello Kitty in 2008 was named ambassador of Japanese travel and leisure in Hong Kong and China. Hello, Kitty has commercial admirers as well. The pop vocalist Mariah Carey embellished the rooms of her house with Hi there Kitty drapes famously. Ms. Carey also gathers the Hello Kitty products, a fascination that she shares with Drew Barrymore and the Hello Kitty picture has made an appearance on the album cover of Lisa Loeb. Commercial fads appear to come and go, but there is a reason for Hello Kitty’s long-lasting success.

Jobs ushered a type of successful gadgets including the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, and the iconic iTunes music store. In addition, Apple has updated the web page titled “Remembering Steve” where in fact the company has posted submissions by Apple fans from around the world of stories, memories, and well wants for Jobs’ family.

Tributes pouring in: – Steve Jobs passed away of respiratory arrest Oct. 5 in his Palo Alto home surrounded by wife and immediate family. He previously was fighting metastatic pancreas neuroendocrine tumor for over seven years. The ongoing service at Memorial Chapel, arranged by Job’s widow Laurene Powell, was attended by influential numbers including Oracle main Larry Ellison and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, as well as former president Bill Clinton. U2 frontman Bono and Joan Baez performed on the occasion reportedly.

In addition, Apple has updated the web page entitled “Remembering Steve” where in fact the company has posted submissions by Apple fans from around the world of stories, recollections, and well desires for Jobs’ family. Therefore, Norah Jones and the British rock band Coldplay performed live. The event was open and then Apple employees. Jobs ushered a relative line of successful devices including the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, and the iconic iTunes music store.

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