They Choo… Choo… Choose The Path

RUFUS, a poodle-terrier, leads the true way while his owner, Sarah Gensorek, gripping the dog’s leash, comes after on her in-line skates. In it comes, Seth, a smiling four-year-old, using his red bicycle. The trio chug along the Northeast Pioneers Greenway — a simple asphalt trail on Gateway Road. It’s the route of a previous Canadian Pacific Railway monitor — later a discontinued failed –until the city flipped it into a fitness path about four years back. Gensorek, 23, uses the path all the time. It’s the most sensible thing in the world,’ say the graphic designer and lifelong North Kildonan resident.

Dressed in turquoise blue pants, a top to complement and brand-new in-line skates she’s breaking in, Gensorek recalled when there was no such trail in the region. ONCE I was growing up as a kid you had to go down the sidewalks,’ she says. So you couldn’t trip your bikes on the sidewalks. And it was irritating. The Northeast Pioneers Greenway is one of no more than 10 official energetic transportation/fitness paths in the north part of Winnipeg. It’s in the center of Gateway Road and exercises 5.5 kilometers from Herbert Avenue to McIvor Avenue.

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And it’s one of the busiest trails in the city, says Winnipeg’s most outspoken trails advocate, Janice Lukes. It slashes through remnants of tall grass prairie, wetland meadows, and river-bottom forest. Along the way, you’ll spot symptoms that help you identify the plant life in the area. You might place a mallard duck or a turtle if you look carefully. Strolling the trail on a Saturday afternoon, at first, feels like a lonesome and long trek.

On a stretch near McLeod Avenue, you’re encircled by industrial structures and a strip mall. It could be an uninteresting walk down a direct, flat path that’s seemingly never-ending, with no one in sight. As well, the lack of trees on the path leave everyone exposed to the sun’s intense rays. A few moments and almost out of nowhere later, the path gets busy, almost crowded. That’s when power walkers, runners, cyclists, people strolling with groceries in parents and hands with their kids appear from all directions.

Neighborhood residents have changed the teach that once rumbled along this route. It can be used by them to get from one spot to another — or simply to condition their bodies, their engines. The benefits of The Northeast Pioneers Greenway path become obvious. Ask Tim Groner Just, who lives on the other end of the trail in Elmwood.

He’s been using the path all summer season after he got the theory that it was time for you to work some regular physical exercise into his life. THEREFORE I got a new bike and started looking for trails that I noticed were approaching around Winnipeg,’ says Groner, who’s breathless from the two-hour trip.

The Northeast Pioneers Greenway Trail is the main path he uses, usually once a week. Recently, he took the trail, crossed over to Henderson Highway and back again. The asphalt is loved by him of the trail, which makes for a silky-smooth bike ride and knowing he does not have any vehicular traffic to worry about. This definitely makes it easier because I don’t possess vehicles whizzing by me,’ says Groner. Regan Pitt and Gabrielle Elste, both age group 16, cycle down the trail with a destination in mind. The River East Collegiate students are going to Tim Hortons and then to the grocery store to buy some candy.