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This story device would thereafter become commonly from the character. January 9, 1942–Billion Dollar Limited–Superman stops a train robbery. February 26, 1942–The Arctic Giant–Superman battles a dinosaur that was found frozen in the Arctic. March 26, 1942–The Bulleteers–Superman fights a gang that uses bullet-shaped vehicles. April 24, 1942–The Magnetic Telescope–A scientist who resembles Doctor Sivana tries to bring a comet towards the Earth. May 15, 1942–Electric Earthquake–A Native American mad scientist resentful that his people sold Manhattan threatens to ruin the city. June 10, 1942–Volcano–When a volcano erupts, Day Superman must save the. August 23, 1942–Terror on the Midway–Superman must save Lois from escaped circus animals.

September 18, 1942–Japoteurs–The word “Japoteur” is a portmanteau of the ethnic slur “Jap” and the term “saboteur”. My apologies. It was a different time, but it isn’t really an excuse. The town, and the stereotypical Japanese personas specifically, are done in a style typical of American propaganda during World War II.

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Many cartoons of that time period followed a similar vein, like the Schlesinger/Warner Bros. Scrap Happy Daffy (1943), Daffy – The Commando (1943), and Herr Meets Hare (1945), to name a few. Such films typically show Japanese and German character types in a poor light as the American hero makes brief work of these.

October 16, 1942–Showdown–Superman halts a criminal who dresses up as Superman. This is actually the first appearance of office guy Jimmy Olsen in this timeline, but his name is Louis. And you may listen to a very long discussion about this from our podcast. Join us this week as our sponsor, Robert E. Wronski, Jr., evening faraway from his regular responsibilities to seem as visitor on his own show will take the. November 20, 1942–The Eleventh Hour–Superman is in Japan where he secretly sabotages Japan war effort.

December 25, 1942–Destruction, Inc.–Nazis sabotage a manufacturer. January 30, 1943–A beautiful female secret agent begins an undercover procedure. February 9, 1943–The Mummy Strikes–A mummy involves life in a museum. The Mummy is motivated by the Universal Horror series. The Mummy here’s Anubis. March 26, 1943–Jungle Drums–Nazis manipulate locals.

Hitler shows up in that one. April 3, 1943–Super-Rabbit–Bugs Bunny briefly gains super-powers and dons his own Superman outfit. May 18, 1943–The Underground World–Superman discovers a secret group of people living within the planet earth. July 30, 1943–Secret Agent–Superman helps a female top secret agent. 1944–SHE-SICK SAILORS–Bluto poses as Superman to impress Olive.

1944–Snafuperman–Private Snafu briefly gains the power of Superman from a fairy. WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? Notes: In my own previous reserve, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, I used Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein as my start point in linking the dots of the Horror Universe. With this written book, it was instantly clear if you ask me that Who Framed Roger Rabbit?