Just Hearing That Timer Even

I’m somebody who loves to research every.one.thing. If someone noticed my Google search history then they might think I had been nuts. But, if I hear something and I am made by it curious, I consider it! I’m a lifelong learner and I think that’s an excellent way to live. But, in today’s digital media age group, I think you can most over consume definitely. That is why I believe the true number one way to increase your productivity, and something that has helped me immensely is to monitor your consumption. If you are consuming more than you are creating, I believe that can become an issue.

Need a rest from work and want to hop on Instagram- set a timer for five minutes! Even just hearing that timer, it’ll snap you from the Instagram feed and back into ‘reality’. That is something I’m very mindful of doing. Another real way I control my press usage is to make a list.

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While I am working if something sparks my interest and I wish to learn more, It is compiled by me down on a list. It’s more than likely that I won’t need to do the ‘research’ right then and there to complete my task so there is no reason I should be allowing it to cut into my time.

Then, your day at the end of, or when I have finished a large task fully, I’ll use the list and start doing my digging. That way, the researching doesn’t cut into my allotted efficiency time through the workday but I still let myself learn and become curious. I am one particular social individuals who cannot have red notifications. It drives me insane.

Because they’ll distract me from whatever I am doing, I switch off my notifications for social media completely. No really, they’re always off. That way, cultural media doesn’t control me, but I control cultural media. That is like turning off social press notifications, but while I’m working on something, my mobile phone is set to accomplish Not Disturb. You will find settings in the ‘do not disturb’ feature where you can let certain people complete and things such as that for basic safety purposes.

Not having my phone ring, be it from a call or text keeps me directly on track. I also have my phone established to get this done from 10pm to 8am. That way, I am able to wind down prior to going to bed and concentrate my morning on starting it off on the right feet. Sure, following 5 accounts of sweet young puppies is fun, but that’s how you finish up heading down a black gap of consumption.

Where, yes, it could be for fun, but at the same time, it’s kind of the waste of your energy. You probably only need to follow one cute puppy accounts to get the same amount of ‘fun’. Follow accounts on public media systems that you are feeling bring value to your daily life. Also, by cutting out the fluff, you’re following fewer accounts on your various platforms and your seemingly countless scrolling will end sooner than later. Do you work hard to cut down on your media consumption and increase your own productivity? Let me know if you have any excellent tips in the responses below!

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