Rams Fitness Academy Is Teaching Kids In Winston-Salem How To Exercise And Eat Healthy

Winston-Salem State University’s Rams Fitness Academy is making a difference in the lives of 60 children from Winston-Salem. Dr. Cynthia Williams Brown is the chairman of the university’s Health, Physical Education, and Sports Studies Department. Dr. Williams Brown also oversees the Rams Fitness Academy. She says the academy has plenty of activities, like bike swimming and riding, for the kids. But it’s playtime with a purpose. Dr. Williams Brown said.

According to studies, kids are not getting enough activity and eating unhealthy foods. Overall, 19% of American children are obese. But 26% of Latino children and 22% of BLACK children are obese. The six-week Rams Fitness Academy is changing results for minority children by motivating physical fitness and making healthy food options. Dr. Williams Brown said. Along with physical activity and better food choices, the Rams Fitness Academy is adding another subject. Dr. Williams Brown said. The kids, ages 9 to 13, spend a part of their trip to the Enterprise Center’s large community garden.

The areas are filled up with items like tomato vegetables and eggplant. Dr. Williams Brown said. Jakai Cross is a 6th grader taking part in the Rams Fitness Academy. He has appreciated the physical exercise and studying healthy food options really. Kamryn Edmond is a 6th grader also. She said her bike rides won’t stop when the Rams Fitness Academy ends.

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