Pretty Eye Makeup Looks – Best Makeup Tutorials FOR FEMALES Over 40

Eye makeup tutorials are everywhere nowadays, and the majority of us girls love to study from them and try new looks. Yep, us over 40 girls even. But the simple truth is that lots of the style bloggers don’t focus on women over 40. And, for me personally anyway, some of those heavy or trendy eye makeup looks no longer work for me. I am one of those women who have jumped onto the “age is only a number” firmly, “50 is the new 30”, bandwagon. When you have stopped wearing eyes makeup because of your age, or haven’t updated it since 1984, it’s time.

We have a great collection of pretty eye makeup searches for women over 40, and though it could be really tough to say aloud that it’s time to fully stop wearing the black lined lids from our 20’s, it is. But no matter what your age makeup for older women doesn’t have to be dull, it isn’t about hiding lines and wrinkles, and it should still help exhibit your personality! That, and make you feel beautiful.

Check out these very eye makeup appears and the makeup tutorials that choose them. You deserve to feel as fairly now as ever. And by the way, you are! And let anyone tell you different don’t. Society’s ideas about what beauty is is changing, as well as for the better for older women.

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Let’s go with it, shall we females? I am a large makeup young lady, and I don’t caution how old I get, that will never change. But, I like to learn and develop new techniques also, and match a few of the trends as well. And I wish to hang on so limited to the past never, today that I miss looking my best! Below are a few easy techniques for older women that I have found works for me personally, to make your eye makeup amazing! Use a gel eyeliner pencil to be able to get close to the top of the lash series and even in-between lashes. It will make your eyes look so much bigger. Use an eyeshadow primer.

It really does help keep your eye makeup look set up and continues it from settling into lines. I take advantage of Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion. Use an under eyesight concealer and brightener. It visually lifts the look of your eye. Urban Decay Shape Tape is the best! Be sure your under eye is moisturized before applying it Just, and don’t wait around too much time to mix.

I mix this with a beauty sponge. We’ve all heard the advice, don’t use shimmer eyeshadow if you are over 40. I disagree and so do some amazing makeup gurus like Trish McEnvoy. Feel absolve to use shimmer on the lid, it is brought because of it out. Especially in the inner corner. Just don’t use glitter, or use a lot of shimmer on the brow bone. Don’t be that girl. You understand, where your eyesight makeup shines so shiny people need sun shades to prevent the glare. The most important thing that you want to perform with your eye makeup look is to lift those drooping eye! Use vision liner and wing up at the outer corners to visually lift your eyes.