Inglot Rainbow Eye Shadows

When Inglot released their rainbow-vision shadows I knew I needed them. If these were anything like their other pressed shadows they were going to be excellent. Earlier this Christmas I open up a present from my sister who got just came back from Las Vegas per month or two prior and I see all the rainbow shadows!

I was so excited I could not believe it. It had been the thing she knew I hadn’t purchased yet. I can be an impulse buyer, so when I want something, especially makeup I don’t wait! When I brought my colors home I carefully arranged them on the bed in the order I wanted to place them in the palette (that’s my old kicking in). I always label my palette before placing colors inside of it so that I need not try to remove the colors and risk breaking them.

Well, for reasons unknown I thought that I got mislabeled my colors and got to eliminate them anyway and that’s when tragedy struck! Many of my eye shadows chipped, damaged, and broke! I learned later from the fabulous Enkoremakeup a heavy duty magnet will resolve the issues of getting rid of the Inglot shadows from the palette. The first picture will be one that I took when only a couple of shadows had been chipped. The next picture is after I tried to eliminate the shadows and several of them cracked and chipped. Oh, well, they still work the same. Every one of the colors are matte. 8.00/vision shadows and are 2.5g/.09 oz. You can purchase the rainbow eye shadows here.

  • Shea butter (consists of vitamins and minerals) – ½ tablespoon
  • Has a solid chemical fragrance, the problem the majority of Neutrogena range has
  • 10 Fall and Spring Semesters plus 2 summer time sessions
  • Keep the fryer in full view as the burner is on
  • Place an injury-prone client in a room that is near the nurses’ train station
  • 11 Questions from the stunning Schnelle“

I’d use a smaller environment brush like the Real Techniques setting clean or something similar to that and just use it to your cheekbones. I wasn’t really sure what she designed by that. I guess people were returning it cause they weren’t utilizing it right maybe? This is the highlighted Also, its not like a setting powder or anything like the Ambient Lighting Palette.

Who is this for? I’d say this palette isn’t totally for everyone. I feel like this is more of a makeup junkie/ focus on junkie exclusive thing. Unless you have many highlighters though, even if you just like 2 of these colors I think the value is worth it. I believe this is a good way to go. Unless you like lots of the colors, I’d say just wait till they sell them in singles. I love utilizing it and I think they do a great job. I can’t imagine it not being the same.

Anastasia was like the first to come out with a contour package, and I believe it’s cool that they now have a shine package. I wish to try more from Anastasia since this and the Self Made Palette are 2 of the best things currently! And I needed never tried the brand before. So, if you want this to get it just! I’ll say get it anyway! Lol I simply think it’s amazing and it creates me feel quite once I wear it. And this is the point right?