“Here We Go…Hold On Tight!”

This entire diet journey has really smudged my head with major pondering errors. I want to try to describe. I am happy with my new size. I noticed you can matter my ribs, my upper body is sinking in and my ankles are as tiny as the length of your thumb coming in contact with your index finger.

The doctor said I am NOT too slim yet, but I have to stop with the weight reduction. If not for the extra skin I am having around I’d be under weight. I must say i too want to avoid. I’ve stopped going to my WW meetings, as of this month, cause they may be geared for individuals who wish to lose.

My leader advised me to just consider in but not to remain for the meetings til I get some help. Personally i think like they got me into this clutter and today they just kicked me to the curb! Hard to comprehend I understand but it is merely how I have to deal with my disorder.

I started monitoring again, after not doing this since last March, to see where my mistake lies for not being able to maintain. The thing is though I AM NOT TRYING TO LOSE I still am even. Which really scares me. I wanted to reduce until I started to look too thin and that point is here or very close!

My bottom level BMI number is still a few amounts away but I think the extra skin is keeping me above that amount. It is apparent that if I continue steadily to lose it could not be healthy. Anyway I hope that my thinking errors on what’s good/bad foods doesn’t harm my health.

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The doctor did lots of bloodstream test and they are all normal. I just wish there have been more support out there for those of us like me that want to changeover to maintenance. The fear of eating higher calorie foods is REAL for me. Also it’s been just over a 12 months of me allowing my self well worth and getting my validations from slimming down.

So another thinking error is “What will replace that void in my life?” I am currently exploring my options in speaking to a Social Worker that deals with people like me. But I’ve gained so much intelligence from my blog friends that I was wishing you could give me some FREE advise!